Working at

Full-stack React, Django and SQL developer at for 3 years (since March 2021).

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Building Dashboards

I build modern incentive compensation dashboards and core components to help sales people understand how they're getting paid.

On the frontend, I use TypeScript and JavaScript with React. Some libraries that I've used are

To test the frontend, we use Jest and React Testing Library

For styling, we use SASS

I also started an article club and heavily contributed to TIL channels

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Taking ownership of our Storybook instance

Our team was growing really quickly and we needed a way to communicate and document our components. I took initiative to update Storybook and add our components.

We also wanted a way to work more closely with the design team. So I integrated Figma iframes into Storybook.

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Spearheaded the push to update ESLint to support more modern features to make the developer experience nicer (eg: support for optional chaining)